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CNC Machining & Hard Coating of Stainless Steel Components

CNC Machining & Hard Coating of Stainless Steel Components

A client in the food preparation industry was in need of a customized stainless steel component to be used in a food preparation application. This shaft sleeve for a #33 refiner was made from 316 stainless steel with a material finish of 20 RMS. To fabricate this component, we used our CNC lathe to turn the outer and inner diameter of the shaft sleeve and then drilled three holes on the right end of the part and milled a 3/8" slot on the outer diameter on our horizontal mill. The cylinder grinder was used to finish grind the outer diameter. The part was coated with wear-resistant ceramic to protect it from damage and corrosion.

Measuring 7.000" O.D., 6.512" I.D., and 11.250" long, this part was manufactured to tolerances of ± 0.0015", ± 0° - 30', perpendicularity of 0.002", parallelism of 0.002", and concentricity of 0.002". During the manufacturing process we performed in-process inspection and diameter and surface finish checks. This project was completed and delivered to the customer in 3 days.

The table below outlines the specifications for this CNC machining and hard coating project. Please contact us if you would like more information.

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Highlights of this CNC Machining & Hard Coating of Steel Component Project

Product Description

This stainless steel component is used within a Food Preparation Application

CNC Machining Capabilities Applied/Processes


  • CNC Turning
    • Turn O.D. & I.D. of Shaft Sleeve
  • CNC Milling
    • Drill 3 holes on right end of part
    • Mill 3/8" slot on O.D.
  • Grinding O.D.
    • Finish grind O.D. of part


  • Hard Coating
    • Coat with wear resistant ceramic coating

Equipment Used to Manufacture Part

  • CNC Lathe
  • Horizontal Mill
  • Coating Lathe
  • Cylinder Grinder

Overall Part Dimensions

  • O.D.: Ø 7.000"
  • I.D.: Ø 6.512"
  • Length: 11.250"

Tightest Tolerances

  • ± 0.0015"
  • ± 0° - 30'
  • Perpendicularity: 0.002"
  • Parallelism: 0.002"
  • Concentricity: 0.002"

Material Used

316 Stainless Steel

Max Material Finish

20 RMS

In Process Testing / Inspection Performed

In Process Inspection. Diameter and surface finish checks.

Industry for Use

Food Preparation Industry

Delivery/Turnaround Time

3 Days

Delivery Location

Grayson, Kentucky

Standards Met

2D Cad Drawing, prepared from sample part

Product Name

Shaft Sleeve for #33 Refiner

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